Exclusive Leads

Are you tired of cold calling, attending networking clubs, canvasing neighborhoods, Mailing Bulk Mail with under a 1% response? We make money by selling. Agents with LBG have the luxury of spending 90% of their time selling instead of prospecting? How would that change your bottom line? What would your work week look like? Would it include more family time?

How do we do this? LBG has forged solid relationships with some of the nation’s best marketers. Through these relationships we have access to Mortgage Protection Leads, and quality Final Expense Leads. Our providers are not massive mail houses that mail for multiple companies. This means your leads are yours. They are not resold 90 days later over and over again to multitudes of other agents. The lead is yours, and yours only.

We use direct mail campaigns as our primary source of lead generation. We have access to Web, Telemarketed, and Call in leads, and Seminars programs. Although these other avenues work we feel the best option is still Direct Mail.

If you want to experience the luxury of being the first in the home LBG’s lead program is your answer.