Leads are what set Liberty Brokers Group apart from other opportunities. In most cases to get a qualified lead at a great price you will be forced to sacrifice your contract level. At LBG we feel you should keep your contract high AND have a less expensive, exclusive lead. As your leads come in, your established marketing account is debited for that lead. By doing it this way you’re not subject to a bulk mail drop with a potentially low return. Unlike other “Lead Delivery Systems”, we opt to streamline the process. Once the lead is receive the lead is scanned and e-mailed directly to you the same day. The lead does not go to anyone except for you. LBG leads are exclusive. Your lead will never be distributed to another agent. LBG is confident that our lead will be one of the first in the home which gives you a competitive advantage. Let LBG assist you in building the right campaign for your business. We want to help you maximize your time and profit.


Liberty Brokers Group keeps its focus on helping to maximize the agent’s time and profitability. Our strength is Lead Optimization, and Sales Training. We know where our strengths lay so we opt to partner with a top rated full service marketing agency. You can count on LBG staying ahead of the curve with our social media, weekly agent newsletters, Blogs, and website development. Our Agent Services section is continually growing with fresh new ideas to assist you in the sales process. Training videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDF’s and much more are there for you.


Liberty Brokers Group was built by agents that are still in the field today. We are keeping our skills sharp so we can help you. Every sale is situational. Our average agent sees 350+ clients a year. At LBG you can pick up the phone and call anyone at any time. We encourage communication! You will want to tune into our weekly sales call as well. Liberty Brokers Group also has a growing library of videos that you can find in our Agent Services section to sharpen your skills.